What are Invasive Species?

An invasive species is defined as an organism (plant, animal, fungus, or bacterium) that is not native and has negative effects on our economy, our environment, or our health. Invasive species can spread rapidly to new areas and will often out-compete native species as there are no predators or diseases to keep them under control.

Invasive species threatening Canadian habitats


Purple loosestrife

Zebra mussel

Gypsy moth

Why is this a problem?

Some Impacts:

  • Can negatively impact biodiversity
  • Can cause species extirpation or extinction
  • Can cause soil degradation, and erosion
  • Can alter fire cycles
  • Control and management costs can be significant
  • Can reduce productivity in forestry, agricultural, and fishing sectors
  • Can cause export and import trade restrictions
  • Can reduce property values
  • Can cause disease
  • Can cause human or animal suffering
  • Can reduce land and water recreational opportunities


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